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Keep up-to-date on the latest vision-related news and eye care events in our Practice. The items are displayed by year and month. To view older entries use the links in the box below to select the year and month you would like.

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The Low Down on Digital Eyestrain
As our digital world expands, we are spending more and moretime glued to our electronic devices, and not surprisingly,Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or digital eye strain is on therise. Recent data presented by Kleiner Perkins indicates that,on average, Canadians spend just under 400 minutes per day on electronic devices (two hours being on our smartphones),with one in ten people spending 75% of their waking hours on devices. Approximately 65% of North Americans report symptoms of digital eye strain, with other common related symptoms being headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and neck and shoulder pain. Read More

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Update on Concussions

Sports related concussions, at least the ones that get reported, are on the rise. With three active kids of my own in multiple
different sports, it is a topic that hits close to home. It is very important to realize that a person does not need to be
knocked out – or even hit on the head – to have a concussion. Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury not usually
seen with MRI or CT scans but are still detectable when certain functions, such as vision, are measured. Science tells us that
repeated concussions (even mild ones) in succession can cause long-term damage, so our goal at the office is to effect change
not only through education but also by screening as many of our young patients as we can. Our office now has a noninvasive
testing system that can help identify concussions when the diagnosis is unclear. It does this by establishing a baseline
assessment and looking for changes post injury. Read More


As a parent of three kids, I know it can be hard to sift through all the information/ misinformation available to make prudent choices for our kids. When it comes to vision care, I get questions all the time, which indicates that we as eye practitioners could be doing a better job at getting the necessary information to the general public. To that end, I have gathered many of the key pieces of information that a parent, grandparent or other caregiver might need to feel comfortable making some of those decisions, such as when to have a first eye exam or how to recognize indications of vision problems at different ages. Read More

SNBS Hero Assets DryEye
Dry Eye
For many people with dry eye, the symptoms are undeniable and ever pervasive, but for others it is not so clear-cut. I see patients adapting and coping not knowing their eyes could work and feel so much better. The prevalence of dry eye varies widely between studies but could be as much as a third of our population. Recent research indicates that the percentage is likely much higher for certain groups such as office workers, with percentages approaching 50%, partially because of their extensive digital-device usage. Furthermore, these numbers are expected to rise in large part due to our aging population, increasing digital-device usage and increasing prevalence of autoimmune diseases such as Type 1 diabetes and Lupus. A number that might be even more surprising is that up to 70% of people polled don’t seek care when experiencing symptoms of dry eye.Read More