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Eyeland Optometry

Looking Great is Feeling Great .

Life with Clear Vision is Simply Better.


Eyecare for Everyone; Including the Little Ones with Big Dreams



We have highly trained eye doctors and opticians

and offer a large selection of modern stylish eyewear for every budget.



Book Your Eye exam online or call and let our friendly staff do the eye exam scheduling work for you


Shop for contact lenses from the convenience of your home with our new online storefront


Expert advice from our Optometrist and information on everything from what testing is included in our eye exam to describing common conditions like pink eye

Optometrist & Opticians in St. Albert

Our Mission – To welcome you as family and earn your trust with our commitment to excellence in everything we do

Are you looking for comprehensive eyecare and eyewear in St. Albert? Dr. Peter Roed & Associates are your trusted eyecare professionals. We have a wide variety of eyewear for every budget together with the professional vision and eye health care your family deserves.

Focus Your Attention On These Key Areas

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Eye Focus on Glasses

The latest styles, established classic lines, eyewear for young children... we are committed to a complete line of frames to suit all our patients wants and needs. Book an eye exam online or just stop by to experience the service and selection that sets us apart.

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Contact Lens Options

We focus on the right lens for your vision and lifestyle. We specialize in working closely with our patients on comfortable, convenient contact lenses. Ask about our contact lens price match guarantee!

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Family eyecare is the cornerstone of our clinic. We welcome our young and young at heart patients and ensure that each visit to our office is a memorable one. Book your eye exam online or call and let our friendly staff organize the exam with one of our optometrists for you.

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Looking for an Optometrist in St Albert with 20+ years experience?

Eyeland Optometry offers complete eyecare and eyewear services in your community. Book your eye exam today and ask Dr. Peter Roed about the charity initiatives in the office and help support it’s St. Albert families.

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Eyeland Optometry

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Latest News & Articles

The Low-Down on Digital Eyestrain

As our digital world expands, we are spending more and moretime glued to our electronic devices, and not surprisingly,Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or digital eye strain is on therise. Recent data presented by Kleiner Perkins indicates that,on average, Canadians spend just under 400 minutes per day on electronic devices (two...

Kids and Concussions in Sports | How does Optometry fit in?

Sports related concussions, at least the ones that get reported, are on the rise. With three active kids of my own in multiple different sports, it is a topic that hits close to home. It is very important to realize that a person does not need to be knocked out...

Vision Development for Kids: When should they have their Eyes Assessed?

As a parent of three kids, I know it can be hard to sift through all the information/ misinformation available to make prudent choices for our kids. When it comes to vision care, I get questions all the time, which indicates that we as eye practitioners could be doing a...